Monday, August 23, 2010

E.L.F. Beauty Book Review

Smokey Eye Edition

OMG! This is one of the best beauty books that I have ever owned and the fact that you get so much for a great price. I heard so much about these beauty books and seeing all the girls on YouTube creating beautiful looks with them it was a matter of time before I would get me one, went online to order them and there it was OUT OF STOCK!

I would get so mad cause I really wanted them but couldn't order them, then I heard that elf is now at Target, I almost lost my mind, I headed to my nearest Target and there they had a very small display for e.l.f., I was like what the hell is this, they didn't have a large selection to choose from, but what I did find is what I been longing for, my beauty books. They only had two books there and they were they Eyes Bright Edition & The Smokey Eye Edition. You know i was beside myself with glee for having these two books in my possession. Got home and checked the books out and fell in love with them off the back. The Eye Brights Edition has 12 of the most beautiful colors in the palette, it comes with an eyeliner in black and a eyeshadow applicator, along with some instructions on applying the shadows, great for first timers whose new to makeup and is a good guide to achieve a fun luck. I did some swatches of the colors for the smokey eye edition and the colors are very rich and pigmented, so that's a plus in my book. There are some matte & shimmer shadows in this fun palette. Here's the inside of the smokey eye edition along with swatches of the colors of this excellent, beautiful palette all 12 colors.

The inside of the smokey eye palette

This is the first row of colors
(White, silvery black, black, silver)

Second Row of colors
(Gray,  Brown, Tan, Sand)

Third row of colors
(Light taupe, peach, copper, gold)

Eye Brights Eye Edition

This is a fun an bright eyeshadows that;s great for spring/summer. Colors are just prefect for that flirty and romantic, girlie looks and you can create a vast range of looks that this palette has to offer. To me elf cosmetics has some of the best cosmetics for great prices that we all can afford even on a budget. They are soft, shimmery & matte finishes.  Take a look at the swatches from this beautiful palette, and see why so many women love these books.

Top row of colors
(shimmery white, shimmery tan, shimmery lavender, shimmery gold)

second row of colors
(shimmery light gold, shimmery green, shimmery sea blue green, shimmery  dark brown)

last row of colors
(shimmery gray, shimmery purple, shimmery burgundy, shimmery black)

As far as I'm concern this is just one of the best beauty books out there and the fact that you can purchase these little darlings at a Target store near you, for a small price of $5 and that's a steal in my book. For a small price your getting alot and it's worth the price, cause the payoff is great. When your using these shadows you need to use a base for the color to hold and give you that POP. The shadows are powdery and there's fallout from some of the colors, but that's an over sight that can be over looked lol! In a short period I have become an elf lover and I can't think why it has taken me so long to get on the band wagon, this is just one hell of a company to supply our beauty needs for a reasonable price that's gentle on the check book. I highly recommend this elf beauty book.

Great pigmentation
Great price
Great for everyday wear
Playful colors
Great gift

To much shimmer

Smokey Look created using the smokey eye edition