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                             FLAWLESS THINKING
Every woman wants flawless skin, fortunately, a woman's skin doesn't have to be truly
flawless to look like it is. The first steps to creating a perfect finish begins with concealing imperfections and I have just the trick to put the cover on  some major  imperfections.

         ****HOW TO HIDE MINOR SCARS****

You have to understand that pores allow makeup to hold to the skin, and scars lack pores. A little prepping is necessary to conceal a scar.

  • Dab moisturizer only on the scar
  • Apply a thin layer of powder one that matches your skin tone
  • Using your ring finger pat lightly around the edges to blend
  • Dust with powder to set

I found that the best way to brighten a shadowy area on my face is to use a Facial Highlighting Pen from Mary Kay Cosmetics. It's a wonderful product that I feel every woman should have in her makeup bag. Never use a concealer, at least I don't when I need to brighten a shadowy area. Mary Kay's Facial Highlighting Pen has light reflecting pigments and sheer luminosity that concealers lack to me. The pen unlike concealers goes on after foundation is applied. Your shadowy areas would be...under the eyes, in the corner of the eyes, bridge of the nose, chin, corners of mouth. A little goes along way.

                                       ******DARK CIRCLES******
Those nasty dark circles around the eyes are a hot mess, but you can cover them up and help diminished them all together. Let me share my secrets!
  • Apply concealer at the edged of the dark area and extend up, never go below the dark area or you'll lighten the area your trying to match. Be sure to include the inside corner of the eye lids if necessary. I do to blend everything together to match.
  • Using your ring finger to pat lightly the edges to blend
  • For serious dark circles, get a concealer 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone
  • For long term benefits I would highly recommend Mary Kay's Timewise Targeted-Action Eye Revitalizer, which provides long term benefits.
These are just some of my tricks that I learned and use to achieve my flawless face. I'm a loyal user of Mary Kay Skincare and when I'm mentioning a MK product is because I use them and know what they can do. Not only do I use the products I also sell the products. I would never ask you to use a product that I haven't tried. I hope that you find these tricks useful.

This is a series of Back To Basics: Makeup 101. We'll learn the history of makeup in my next blog so have fun and get flawless.

  • To cover redness on ivory & beige skin tones, try a yellow concealer
  • Always dab foundation over a concealed area to keep from smudging and set with powder
  • Mary Kay Timewise Facial Highlighting Pen
  • Mary Kay Timewise Targeted-Action Eye Revitalizer
Xoxo Lady C.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Review

Great Product Great Price

By Nikki from Detroit, MI on 7/26/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Blendable, Be, Long Lasting, Versatile, Easy To Apply, Good Pigmentation, Good Value

Best Uses: Dry Skin, Daily Use, Special Occasions, Sensitive Skin, Normal Skin

Describe Yourself: Trendy Style

Skin Tone: Deep

Age: 35-44

This a wonderful product to have in your makeup collection, and for $7 you can't beat that.
The colors really pop when I use my eye primer and it does lasts all day. I wear it for all occasions. Love the packaging and all that came with it. I'll buy this again!

The Look


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Contest Entry for...Solo Makeup

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Benefit Cosmetics- Benefit To Go "Stay Put Set" Review

I saw this set when I was looking around on the sephora website and  knew I just had to buy one because it was an amazing deal and it had all products I wanted to buy anyways!!  Love everything and it works beautifully!!(:

 Benefit  To Go "stay put don't stray" set  is a travel size and it was $10 from and I also got a few samples as well. For this to be a travel size I love what these products has done for my makeup since I started using it . The Stay Don't Stray Primer is wonderful and I'm loving it so much that I'm going to order the full size bottle if they had a bigger size.

Just wanted to try it out without paying alot of money and then having to give it away if I didn't like it. Glad that I trusted myself enough to go with my first mind and purchase it and try it. Haven't tried my samples just yet, but boy I'm digging what I have,  I'm the one who picked my free samples and I chose some really cool products to try & review. I got one of my favorite designer's fragences....Versace Bright Crystal Parfum, YSL Yeves Saint Laurent Parisienne & Michael Kors Hollywood. They all smell so good that I want the full bottles of these parfumes.

The sample bag with all my cool samples I have a sample of Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Lipgloss and Too Face Cosmetics Bronzer in Sunny. Have  to  admit that I was blow away with this product and can't wait to try out the rest of the line. OMG! This stuff is great and I don't advise anyone to sleep in their makeup because of the bacteria makeup leaves behind (yucky)! Guilty in the first degree :-)  yes I slept in my makeup last night and when I awoke, to my surprise my eyeshadow was still as fresh and crease-free! Well you know I was in  shock cause my eyeshadows from past never trutly stayed on and wasn't crease proof.

My primer of choice was Mary Kay's Eyeshadow Primer and it's good but it dosen't hold the shadows for long and my colors aren't as vibrent as the Benefit Stay Don't Stray Shadow Primer. I'm not talking bad about a product that I happend to own, just a fact and opinion of my own experience using it with different shadows like Nyx, MAC, L`oreal & L.A. Colors eyeshadows and other  makeup that I may wear. I believe it works really really well with Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadows only, cause they give off a soft look and it's not to over bearing and over powering to the wear /looker. If your a lady out there that loves Mary Kay like myself- you can understand or maybe not; that all primers don't work well with other products or for you. As an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, I truly do love all their products, some just don't work for my skin and I inform all my clients of that. I have normal/dry skin and I use products that are for my skin type- yet sometimes it's hard to let go a product that you love, but yet you have to when you nolonger find that it works for what you need it to do. That's why I'm so not worried anymore- cause I found a product that works and I see the results for myself -even early in the morning, still looking fab!

This what my eye looked like this morning after using Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer,
shadow is very fresh looking and not one single crease or fadeness of the colors, still vibrent. Highly impressed with this incredible products. Litittle goes along way and this just proved the point. Just wish that Benefit Cosmetics would make a deeper color for women with daker tones. That's one down size. You have to blend, blend, blend to get the coverage you want. I also used the primer as a concealer.

If you want this cute little travel size of Benefit Cosmetics To Go "Stay Put Set" head on over to Sephora and order yours while supplies lasts, for $10 you can order a few and give as gifts or keep them for yourself  lol. You'll get to pick 5 samples for your choice, please don't miss out on this wonderful product. You'll have a blast with this set- earse past is another product that I have to get in full size. Each of the pots is the perfect size to fit in your purse or in a plastic baggie to get through airport security. Wish the Stay don't Stray came in a slightly larger size...this stuff is amazing holding onto shadow and under eye concealer literally all day.  Erase paste works great if you use powder over it to set it. The eye cream color is nice and neutral for everyday wear.  For the price you can't beat it.This set is so cute and fun. There is actually enough amount inside each one of the bottles even though this set comes in a mini trial size. Loving all of it. Infact, I ordered another set and it should be arriving next week. Can't wait :-)
I hope that you out there read this and check it out yourself and see what the rave is. Now like I said before this is all my very own opinonon and my own experiences with the products. All products were purchased by me & with my own money no endorsment from the company. My next review will be with  Bella Brite Teeth Whitening System.

Xoxo Nikki

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Are you beauty-baffled? Cosmetically-confused? If you've got a beauty dilemma, Benefit has the pretty little solution. These fast beauty fixes will take your look from dull to darling in seconds flat,and get you well on your way to flanuting flawless, beautiful, gorgeous look that's to die for. Here are some tips to help you out. 

Follow these steps to achieve your most glowing, flawless face yet with Benefit Cosmetics!
This is just one of my favorite makeup company because I just love what the products do and how my makeup looks after using these products. Here's a few tips to follow for that flawless look!

    Don't surrender to poor coverage 

The POREfessional, $28
Apply this silky, lightweight formula for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. On clean, lightly moisturized skin, pat it on problem areas and blend it with your fingertips. When applying over makeup, pat it on lightly.

Lip-Smacking Shine

Ultra Shines Lip Shine, $18

Load up on radiant color with these non-sticky lip glosses. The custom silky brush glides on for perfectly smooth application and glistening lips.

That Makeup Isn't Going Anywhere

Stay Don't Stray, $24
Delicately blend this lightly tinted primer over lids and under eyes, then let it dry. Apply Erase Paste to the undereye area and on top off your eyes with Velvet Eyeshadow for a gorgeous look that lasts from A.M. to P.M.

                                  Flawless Skin

"Hello Flawless!" SPF 15, $34
Sweep on this fully blendable powder with SPF 15 for beautifully sheer coverage every time, or apply with the sponge for full coverage or spot cover-up. With six flattering shades, it's incredibly easy to find the perfect one for you.

What's with the puppy dog look?

Eye Bright, $20
Shadows, circles, and bags are such a drag. Luckily, this miraculous pink pencil brightens tired eyes with a flick of the wrist for an instant, wide-awake look. Just blend this pocket-sized pencil in the inner and outer corners of your eyes and voila! Goodbye sleepy face.

Dark Circles? Not Anymore

Erase Paste $26
Signs of stress and fatigue are a thing of the past thanks to this magical, creamy concealer that camouflages and brightens areas that need a little help. Dab it on dark circles, discolorations, or imperfections and watch them disappear.

Late Nite!
Ooh la lift $22
Just three dots of this wonder wand under each eye take you from weary to wide awake. This delicate pink balm will send your bags a-packin' thanks to light-reflecting pigments and a refreshing dose of raspberry extract. It's an instant eyelift.

Back from vaction

"That Gal" Brightening Face Primer, $28
Got the lackluster blues? Brighten up! This silky, pink brightening primer instantly smoothes and brightens the skin back to its glowing potential. Wear it alone for clear-complexion radiance or with makeup to add some oomph to a ho-hum foundation.

Not An Early Bird

Lemon-Aid $20
Not an early bird? You'll sure look like one with the help of this lemon yellow, cream color corrector that makes discolored eye lids look fresh, smooth, and lively. Consider it a lazy-day makeover for your eyes.

      My Brows Are Jacked

Brow Zings $30
With a tinted wax to shape and shade, a complementing powder to set, brushes, mini tweezers, and a mirror, who needs a brow appointment? This is hands down one of the best brow-grooming kits—ever.

These are some of my favorite Benefit Cosmetics, and I had to share this with you guys. Some of you may have already used these products and there's others who haven't, I'm just one hell of a fan when it comes to great looking skin and the perfrect look with the right tools and products. I'll do a review on some on these Benefit products and a makeup tutrial on them as well. Hope that this helps you out in your quest for a great look using a great product. Here's the collection, get yours NOW!!! I love these collections that Benefit has to offer and you'll get that Benefit look! Enjoy!

The Benefit Collection

Cresent Row Collection

Box 'o Powders Collection

BADgal Collection

   The Brow Story

The Fake It Collection

Benefit, a brand overflowing with personality, has makeup to fit every personality. Accordingly, their signature looks run the glamour gamut from rebel belle to girl next door. Making your Benefit beauty mark is a fun and effortless task, thanks to their collection of "fake-its" and profusion of Love Your Look makeup—everyday shades for every lifestyle.You'll see that getting pretty is pretty easy.

Xoxo Nikki


Monday, July 12, 2010

My Jewelry Designs

Red Wood Necklace Set

What can I say, this is what I do in my spare time- design jewelry for friends and myself. This is a piece that I saw in a magazine and I liked the wood look and my god had to recreate this wonderful look in my version. It's a three (3) piece set that a good looking casual set to wear with jeans an a white wrap blouse. Or war it with a a nice brown or tan suite for work or evening however you choose to wear it, you'll get  compliments from this exquisite red wood necklace set.

Asian Flair Bracelet Set

If you love  everything Asian then this is a set that will have you in style with a hint of Asian bliss.  Asian Flair Bracelet Set is the perfect bracelet  for that complete look or just to have that dash of color. Goes great with jeans or your best black suite. I have received a lot of buzz with this cute number. Working on the necklace to have a complete set.

Bed Rock Necklace Set

These big rocks reminds me so much of the Flintstones that I had to call it Bed Rock. Colors are blue & brownish tan spakles thatgives this piece a grand and classic look. It's not heavy on the neck and it's on streatched cord to give it that elastic feel without tugging or pulling.
One of my very favorite pieces.

Pearls of colors
This piece is for that classy event or dinner party or a night on the town with your girls or that special guy. Having the pearls all in a cluster like ball gives the piece a fun feel and classy look. Wear ith something fun and watch how classic you'll look.

Just a few pieces that I wanted to show at a craft show in Michiga last year. I'll have more to post and you'll get a chance to see the work that goes into making a piece come to life right before your eyes. I'm really thinking about doing a tutorial on jewelry making for begginners. Yeah, that's what I'll do so I just ask that you stay tuned for more.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silk Pure Almond Milk!!!

New Silk Pure Almond Original almond milk is a such a great source of antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D, without any cholesterol, saturated fat, dairy & soy. And with just a single serving you get 60 calories! Plus almonds are really good for the body. I have to admit this is very tastey and I'm so very happy that I did. I've been drinking Silk Chocolate Milk for about 2 years and use it for just about everything I can think of that I would use whole chocolate milk, but the Silk milk is smooth and creamy and goes down easy.

I went grocery shopping yesterday at Wal-Mart and boy did they have a sale going on, but I had to get the Silk Pure Almond Original Almond Milk along with the chocolate and vanilla. My whole family loves the flavors and they like the fact that we can use it for recipes as well as ice cream. Really had this thought that I wouldn't like it cause I make my own almond milk and i was really taken back with this product. I enjoyed the almond milk very much- love it in my coffee and in my almond bread. If you haven't tried this milk I suggest that you run to your nearest store and pick some up and enjoy the refreshing taste of Silk Pure Almond Original almond milk. Have it frozen and a little slushy, use as a coffee creamer, in your cereal, oatmeal or any kind of recipe that you have that calls for milk. You gotta love the fact that it's only 60 calories a serving and for someone like myself whose on a diet I want something that good tasting & good for my body and almonds are a great source of antioxidants that helps you look & feel good and live your best. This is why I love this milk so much. Wonderful to give to kids and giving them all the vitamins they need. Now if your allergic to nuts this milk is made from almonds. I caution you to use your best decision when Silk Soy milk there may be traces of nuts in the milk. I just wanted to share this review of Silk Pure Almond Original Milk and I hope that this helped someone out there. All just my opinion of what I love about this milk.