Friday, September 24, 2010

Dollar Tree Haul

Dollar Tree Goodies
I have done myself a great deed, went to the dollar tree in Redford, and I was very happy with my purchase. Picked up some LA Colors e/s, N.Y.C. New York Color Eye 2 Eye e/s, almay e/s and some other items. To be able to go into a store and pick up makeup that's affordable and good quality.  I may not be able to purchase the high end makeup but yet I can still look fab with the non high end makeup. You shouldn't have to spend a fortune to look fab. When the pockets are telling you that you're on a budget lol! It is what it is, cause I feel every woman can look good without the high price tag, which your paying for the name; now on the other hand some products just work and gives us the preformance that we seek out of our favorite product.
This is how my mini haul from dollar tree came about. I wanted to checkout some makeup and I found a treasure trove of name brand makeup at the dollar tree, for instance loreal, revlon, sally henson, bonnel bell, nyc, maybelline. I was like wht the heck, I found a new store to shopat with prices I can smile about.
Here are some of my finds that I got from my new jewel of a place.

Almay Pure Blends (cinnamon)

LA Colors: Mineral e/s in Beige & Gold) Eyeliner & Brow penicl w/ sharperner

N.Y.C. New York Color Eye 2 Eye (Choclate Kiss & Arctic Green)

Indulge in beauty (blush & cream e/s)

Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth 2pack

Makeup Wipes

This concludes my mini dollar tree haul...I will be doing a review on these products after using them for awhile to get a better feel for the product. You can checkout the swatches to these products just go to the swatch page and check them out. the colors to these e/s are just beautiful and some will need a base to bring out the colors more.