Monday, September 20, 2010


What can I say about this newly found addiction I have for water?
That it's great in all ways. The taste is amazing and it's very refreshing and minty. I found this water last weekend when I was shopping at Krogers, I saw the chocolatemint and I had to get it along with the peppermint. This water blew my mind and tastes buds, cause it was very pure and real mint flavor as well as chocolate essence to give it it's chocolate taste.

They start with the best mint in the world. Real mint. Fresh, flavorful, pesticide-free mint grown in Washington State's Yakima Valley. They treat the mint using a double-distillation process that steams the leaves until they reach the true essence of the mint. The company test for taste, and then test again for purity. How cool is that. next, the water is purified using reverse-osmosis, whatever that is, a process that saves all the good stuff and filters out the bad, including salts, impurities, and particles as small as an ion. What's left is a blank canvas, so that the   taste of mint is showcased.

What are the benefits to drinking MetroMint water.... let me tell you.

1. Refresh : Stimulates the nerves, instantly opening your senses to send a fresh, cool feeling throughout your body.

2.Relieves: settles your stomach. Consume mint before a meal and increase the flow of digestive jucies. After dinner, mint soothes the lining of the digestive tract.

3.Relax:  Helps fight stress. So drink up

4.Revere: According to Eastern philosophy, scattering mint around the home is a time- honored way to bring peace in the home.

5.Renew: Metromint acts as an instant breath fresher. Mint kills bacteria in your mouth and keeps it moist & kissable. Heighten your senses.
                                                          6. Rehydrate: We all know that our body needs water. Metromint
                                                           replenishes your essential fluids and restores your aching muscles.


1.peppermint water
2.spearmint water
3.lemonmint water
4.orangemint water
5.chocolatemint water
6.cherrymint water


              purified water, mint, chocolate, orange, lemon & cherry essence.

Everything is all natural and very refreshing to drink. Pure, simple, good for you as well! I love these waters
If you haven't tried them please head to your store and pick them all up and see for yourself the reason why so many people are raving about this new water. Metromint is available in retail stores across the country and through their online store.  They will deliver to your door!
Check them out on twitter, facebook & myspace or checkout their website for more info!